Red Rock Recruitment has the vision to become the “go- to” recruiter not just by choice, but by our service and expertise and most importantly for who we are and whom we represent.

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Who We Are

Specialising in all general recruitment fields and having the knowledge and wisdom to go with it, we can accomplish any goal

Red Rock Recruitment is proud to say that we are a Christian company with Christian values and ethics. We believe that our purpose is to live and breathe recruitment and to do it in such a way that it will make a positive impact on everyone we meet.

What makes us truly unique, is our personal touch that we give to everyone we engage with and also, most importantly, our way of doing things that deliver superior service on a consistent basis.

Specialising in all general recruitment fields and having the knowledge and wisdom to go with it, we can accomplish any goal that we put our minds to. Whatever is needed, we can achieve it.

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Our Featured Services

Our services are tailor made to each specific client’s needs and everyone gets their own package with what they require and so much more. We understand that every business is unique and therefore we deal with each client in their very own special way. You and your requirements are unique and so you should be treated.

We gather all the information on the current vacancies that need to be filled. We also look into your company culture and the requirements for candidates to be an acquisition to your organisation.

COMPANY VACANCY ADVERTISEMENTS This is when we start looking for candidates and we advertise on all platforms taking the stress off your shoulders. We advertise on gumtree, facebook, twitter, indeed and many more portals.

This is where the fun starts for us, we have a look at all the resumes we receive and start shortlisting the ones that we feel might be suitable. If there is not a candidate that we feel is suitable, we will look into sourcing the clients via various methods available to us.

Shortlisted or sourced candidates are interviewed with our specialised personal touch and unique methods. We don’t just look at the resume, we look at the entire person.

CANDIDATES CHECK including Criminal record check and Credit check


Reassessed and compiled into neat, understandable, individual folders for each candidate.

all compiled and passed onto the company and explained in full detail.

Full recruitment process and services completed.

Our Mission:

Red Rock Recruitment has the mission to offer superior service as a recruitment company in a consistent and precise manner all the time, every time. We want to change the way recruitment has been done in the past by listening to our clients, finding their passion and driving force, making sure that all their expectations are met with and exceeded. Above all our mission is to ensure that companies and also the applicants feel special and acknowledged.



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